Ungahem is making it easier for young people to find somewhere to live. As part of this process we are making apartments available for people who are:

  • aged 18-29 years
  • registered in Göteborg
  • do not have their own lease
  • are not studying at college or university
  • are able to pay the rent

The apartments mostly have one or two rooms and are located in all areas of Göteborg. The lease is held by the tenant and the rents vary depending on the type of apartment. If you begin studying or reach the age of 30 whilst you are living in the apartment you can of course remain living there.

To apply for an apartment you need be registered at Boplats Göteborg.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find somewhere to live in Gothenburg. However, if you search actively on Boplats Göteborg and show an interest in several different areas you will improve your chances.

Register with Boplats Göteborg: www.boplats.goteborg.se

If you are a student at college or university you are welcome to apply for somewhere to live at www.sgsstudentbostader.se and at www.chalmersbostader.se

We hope that you soon find the apartment you are looking for!